Repeater Data

Having recently purchased an Icom ID-5100, I was looking at a way of getting the Australian 2m/70cm repeaters loaded in to it. The WIA Repeater List is updated approximately month and contains all the information needed to access each repeater, except for where they are! A certain amount of local knowledge is required to be able to work out what the likely coverage of the repeater is.

I wanted to be able to use the ID-5100's "Near Repeater" function while travelling, so getting GPS coordinates into the data was a must. To do this, I found out that the ACMA makes it's entire Spectra database available for download on it's website as a giant ZIP file containing a bunch of CSV files.

It was then a simple case of writing a Python program that could read the WIA CSV file and extract the site details (and hence the GPS coordinates) from the Spectra data.

So, here are the files that it generated, suitable for loading straight into the CS-5100 software. If you want the other repeater bands / modes, let me know and I can generate them for you. I haven't done them directly as I don't need them.

2m Repeater Data

70cm Repeater Data

D-Star Repeater Data

Data from WIA repeater list 2016-12-03 and ACMA Spectra dump 2017-01-16. Based on Australian Communications and Media Authority information.