A simple USB programming interface for ESP12 boards.

Utilises an FT232RL to allow programming of ESP based sensor boards. It incorporates the logic for auto-resetting the connected daughter board when using the NodeMCU DTR/RTS method from the Arduino IDE.

There is also a 3D printed jig to hold the programming board and daughter board so the programming headers are held in the correct place.

Version History

  • 1.0 worked well to program daughter boards in manual mode but the automatic mode didn't work utilising just the DTR pin. The slide switch for program/run modes was also annoying.
  • 2.0 replaces the auto-reset circuit with the cross-over circuit that uses both DTR and RTS. It also swaps the slide run/prog switch for a pushbutton.


3D Render
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Under Development
14 Nov 2020